As for the chilly weather for this fall of 2013, denim blues and preppy plaids are in! Denims are hugged tight while patched with different hues and fabrics. Paired with leather or more denims, the colors appeal to each other every time. Blues against blacks and reds make paired items pop, while remaining to uphold fall fashion. Thick, weaved dresses and shirts help to dress light but warm, working with wedges or wild boots. Vests and quilted jackets compete this season with blazers and cardigans to broaden the horizons of the chilly fall fashion lines. As seen in Macy’s new fall 2013 line, prep sets, true blues, and the look of leather is featured throughout the site to roll-out the new fashion pieces. Long, modern dresses are featured as well, showing some skin for the upcoming holidays. 






Tonne Goodman, once a model, is now a powerful editor for Vogue Fashion Magazine. Born in 1952 and first working at Vogue in 19670, Goodman has truly created a lasting name for herself. Tonne Goodman has caught my attention by her journey through out the fashion industry. Starting as a beautiful model accompanied by long hair, she had modeled for high end magazine brands. Being successful was outlasting for her because other photographers would attempt to copy her model photographs, but could never quite compete with Goodman’s beautiful quality. Discovered outside of her apartment building at the age of 14, she has worked with the New York Times magazine, Calvin Klein, Harper’s Bazaar and Anna Wintour.

Tonne Goodman became a powerful woman, while starting out as an average model. I personally look up to any woman that has become successful in the fashion industry because the industry is a terribly difficult industry to work in, as well as to work with. The fashion industry requires a strong personality to accomplish important goals, regardless of long term or short term. 





Tonne Goodman’s work with Lady Gaga stood out to me due to the fact of Lady Gaga’s outrageous style. I believe that it could be difficult to work with Ms. Gaga, similar to working with any celebrity. Gaga is featured in a classy cream-colored dress, accented with gold layers and pleasantly pink hair. It is said that Tonne Goodman helped Gaga to style her hair accordingly because Gaga requested to resemble Anna Wintour’s bob cut. Understandably so, Tonne helped Lady Gaga to give her exactly what she wanted, while fulfilling her own editor and styling needs. It may be challenging for an editor to create an image, while working with both their own needs, as well as the model’s needs.




Katy Perry is permanently accompanied by a visibly unique style of fashion. From her music videos, to award shows, to everyday wear, Katy’s fashion choices never fail to draw attention. Tonne Goodman worked with Katy Perry to agree on a fashion choice that worked positively for the both of them.

Tonne brilliantly used Katy’s light features to accent the vibrant make-up and clothing items for a strong display. The dress used in the photo shoot is a long-sleeved dress, complimented with royal red roses. Tonne Goodman used this rosy dress to fit the fall fashion of the Vogue magazine because it is a light, colorful dress. While still featured with long sleeves, it is due to the chilly weather that seems to accompany the season. 






Michelle Obama must be the most difficult client out of these three women. I imagine Michelle Obama to be difficult to work with due to her high ranking in the United States. A lot of editor’s work with many artists, models, actors/actresses, and celebrities; but not the first lady. Tonne Goodman used Michelle’s short hair to accent her royal blue dress, showing off the low v-neck cut through out the chest.

Paired with bronzed, dangling earrings, Michelle’s short haircut displays all of the details to make the photo completely come together. Tonne Goodman featured Michelle Obama in the spring edition of Vogue, discussing fashion that helps to “flatter every figure”. Tonne Goodman used this Vogue edition wonderfully, as Michelle Obama looks curvy, while remaining to display a thin figure in her deep blue dress. 

Calvin Klein Designs



Calvin Klein has become a world known designer. Most often recognized for underwear and various underclothes, Klein made the cover of Vogue magazine in 1969. Klein took his designs and made them skyrocket – ranging from underclothes, to women’s clothing, and even to more general items such as bed sheets. Fortune magazine estimated in 1981 that Klein’s personal income was about $8.5 million per year due to his success in the industry. Brooke Shields helped Klein to further advertise his generous clothing, modeling a pair of underwear that grasped the attention of many crowds. Calvin Klein’s clothing line was known as something different and unique during his time period. Thin cut jeans and his designer name stitched into the back pockets became a raving trend.

The Calvin Klein brand was being sold in over 12,000 stores and bringing in an incredible amount of revenue and income throughout the sales. Unbelievable attention and buzz rose due to the designer and his chosen models. Due to his style and fame, Calvin Klein was named “America’s Best Designer” in 1993. Calvin Klein used various styles, fabulous materials such as soft cottons and denims, and a wide range of accessories to broaden his fashion line. Broadening his fashion line helped the brand to become accessible to everyone for every day needs. Whether it was as simple as an undershirt, or as complex as a woman searching for a pair of perfectly-fitting jeans, Calvin was the brand to go to. 

Calvin Klein soon acquired multiple famous lines that focused on the clothing items and the models. Lines such as “nothing comes between me and my Calvins” and “I’ve got 7 Calvins’ in my closet, and if they could talk, I’d be ruined”, were used by Brooke Shields while she was modeling the brand name. These famous lines stuck to the clothing line, causing memory and hook to the fashion designer for his jeans and production. These lines are still recognized today, as well as the brand remaining to be well-known. The clothing items are from simple to diverse, comfortable, soft, and affordable. Calvin Klein used his intelligence and designer knowledge to create a truly memorable brand for all different groups and individuals.

I Spy



Loving this vest for the loud look that you crave sometimes? Well, find this beauty at H&M! Faux Fur Vest for the nifty price of only $250! Just kidding, it really costs $34.95. You can thank me later. 


Fall fashion has always been a blast. This outfit holds great ideas for the season, while staying warm and comfortable. Forever 21 carries this Remixed Plaid Button Down for $19.80. This button down is comfortable and the smooth colors draw life and attention to the rest of the outfit. The denim jacket is byJoyce Leslie for $30. The jacket is definitely a steal for the price because denim fashion connects with many different items to either dress up, or dress down. The white v-neck shirt is by Hanes to hold attention to both the button down and the denim jacket to ensure the colors do not compete or clash with each other. These jackets were paired with black cotton leggings by Joyce Leslie for $12 to connect with the colors for an eye-popping effect. The final touch is the high leather boots by Love My Shoes for $50. These boots held the perfect amount of attention for the outfit to keep simplicity  within the items. Image

Tiffany & Co. Atlas Collection


The Tiffany & Co. Atlas collection is a dazzling, chic collection for the season. Elegant and classy, this collection features many uses of the roman numeral for a timeless design. This collection shows off various pieces of jewelry, including ravishing rings, bold bangles, and bar bracelets. Rose gold and sterling silver are two items that can be seen used throughout the styles and designs.

An item that stands out in this collection is the Atlas Open Ring which holds a strong numeric style. This open ring is known to celebrate Tiffany & Co. ‘s most celebrated symbol, the roman numeral. Wrapped in brilliant diamonds, these roman numeral symbols are cut through 18k white karat silver.

Another loud piece in this collection is the is the Atlas bangle. This bangle is dazzled in 18k gold at a medium sized wrist, standing out to catch the naked eye. The gold is wonderfully simple, holding attention while keeping composure. Priced at $10,000, this piece is truly an accent to the Tiffany & Co. Atlas collection

This collection by Tiffany & Co has genuinely captured the essence of elegance and combined it with various unique pieces. Rings, necklaces, and bracelets display the efforts and ideas that were put into this brilliant collection.


The Calvin Klein Collection Spring 2014 Ready-to-Wear is a very sheik collection for the season. This collection consists of multitudes of whites, creams, and grays. Calvin Klein favored a revealing look for these styles, while holding a covered look for diversity. Many contrasting designs were paired together for an easy-on-the-eye outfit. Subtle stripes with checkered patterns, fringed skirts with form fitting tops, and gaucho pants gearing up with peek-a-boo peasant tops. This collection is truly different in such that the clothing is not average, it is very diverse within its self. The collection works with a lot of color, while emphasizing it’s neutral tones.

Model Julia Nobis is featured in a long-legged fringed dress, with a see-through upper panel and a loose lower panel. All of the models work their magic to sport this collection in prism heels or pumps to complete the style while being sure to hold attention to the clothing instead of the footwear. Capri pants with a collared, pure white shirt works well with dress shoes for Francisco Costa. His image shows a sense of business, collaborating with a sense of relaxation. Calvin Klein has featured many batwing sleeves, pairing with wide bottoms which surprisingly blend well with each other. Chemise dresses are shown in various colors such as pale pinks and bold blues, hanging on the models against their pale skin. This sheik collection truly brings out a different view on the Calvin Klein image, against their loose-fitting clothing and cottoned garments.