The Calvin Klein Collection Spring 2014 Ready-to-Wear is a very sheik collection for the season. This collection consists of multitudes of whites, creams, and grays. Calvin Klein favored a revealing look for these styles, while holding a covered look for diversity. Many contrasting designs were paired together for an easy-on-the-eye outfit. Subtle stripes with checkered patterns, fringed skirts with form fitting tops, and gaucho pants gearing up with peek-a-boo peasant tops. This collection is truly different in such that the clothing is not average, it is very diverse within its self. The collection works with a lot of color, while emphasizing it’s neutral tones.

Model Julia Nobis is featured in a long-legged fringed dress, with a see-through upper panel and a loose lower panel. All of the models work their magic to sport this collection in prism heels or pumps to complete the style while being sure to hold attention to the clothing instead of the footwear. Capri pants with a collared, pure white shirt works well with dress shoes for Francisco Costa. His image shows a sense of business, collaborating with a sense of relaxation. Calvin Klein has featured many batwing sleeves, pairing with wide bottoms which surprisingly blend well with each other. Chemise dresses are shown in various colors such as pale pinks and bold blues, hanging on the models against their pale skin. This sheik collection truly brings out a different view on the Calvin Klein image, against their loose-fitting clothing and cottoned garments. 


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