Calvin Klein Designs



Calvin Klein has become a world known designer. Most often recognized for underwear and various underclothes, Klein made the cover of Vogue magazine in 1969. Klein took his designs and made them skyrocket – ranging from underclothes, to women’s clothing, and even to more general items such as bed sheets. Fortune magazine estimated in 1981 that Klein’s personal income was about $8.5 million per year due to his success in the industry. Brooke Shields helped Klein to further advertise his generous clothing, modeling a pair of underwear that grasped the attention of many crowds. Calvin Klein’s clothing line was known as something different and unique during his time period. Thin cut jeans and his designer name stitched into the back pockets became a raving trend.

The Calvin Klein brand was being sold in over 12,000 stores and bringing in an incredible amount of revenue and income throughout the sales. Unbelievable attention and buzz rose due to the designer and his chosen models. Due to his style and fame, Calvin Klein was named “America’s Best Designer” in 1993. Calvin Klein used various styles, fabulous materials such as soft cottons and denims, and a wide range of accessories to broaden his fashion line. Broadening his fashion line helped the brand to become accessible to everyone for every day needs. Whether it was as simple as an undershirt, or as complex as a woman searching for a pair of perfectly-fitting jeans, Calvin was the brand to go to. 

Calvin Klein soon acquired multiple famous lines that focused on the clothing items and the models. Lines such as “nothing comes between me and my Calvins” and “I’ve got 7 Calvins’ in my closet, and if they could talk, I’d be ruined”, were used by Brooke Shields while she was modeling the brand name. These famous lines stuck to the clothing line, causing memory and hook to the fashion designer for his jeans and production. These lines are still recognized today, as well as the brand remaining to be well-known. The clothing items are from simple to diverse, comfortable, soft, and affordable. Calvin Klein used his intelligence and designer knowledge to create a truly memorable brand for all different groups and individuals.


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