Oldie but Goodie

Using the old with the new



    Catherine Martin has collaborated with Tiffany & Co to start the new Jazz Age Collection.  The Jazz Age Collection delivers 1920’s glam back to life. Catherine Martin is the costume designer for the new Great Gatsby film. The collection features glamorous headpieces and diamonds to conduct a feeling of old and new. From rings, to necklaces, to earrings- the Age collection conveys older twenties fashion with new age fashion to create something new and familiar.


   Dainty headpieces roar through the collection as a blast from the past. Necklaces and earrings housing diamonds paired with black stones draw contrast and attention. Vivid yellow diamonds are carefully placed within the jewelry to sum up brilliant glow and coloration. Many items from the Tiffany & Co Jazz Age Collection feature pieces in relation to The Great Gatsby jewelry collection. The Great Gatsby Collection ring with sapphire stones runs about $55,000, possessing great value and intensity. Tiffany & Co possesses enhanced detail within multiple items, such as the Ziegfeld collection daisy locket. This locket comes pre-set on a large chain created in sterling silver. The locket flaunts detail within the heart on the locket, displaying daisies and vines throughout the silver. Dazzling earrings and necklaces embrace the twenties with the vintage Great Gatsby look alike jewels and diamond placements. This collection truly embraces the Great Gatsby ideas and models for a unique collection. Chic tiffany blue clutches in a stylish, soft satin bring vivid color into this thoughtful collection. Tiffany & Co thoroughly embraced the Great Gatsby collection to collaborate with the Jazz Age Glamour.


And.. You?

I’m the type of person who could take 20 minutes to throw together a fantastic outfit. My sister, on the other hand? She will start to formulate an outfit days in advance. I’m not kidding. 


Could your outfits be put together quickly? 

Or do you need a lot of time to make sure you get it just right? 

0 to 100

I love when someone’s fashion goes from one end to the other. Meaning: they do not have just one type of style. One day, they could wear a long, tight dress and heels. The next day, they could wear cowboy boots and tiny shorts.

Fashion has no rules. 

Feel Alive

While searching through the internet tonight, I found a great website called “thecurvyfashionista.com”. I fell in love with this website because it’s all about every day activities; style, health & beauty, events, news, etc. Within the site, I came across a post called “Finding the Things that Make You Feel Beautiful”. I had an inkling that I’d definitely find something interesting on here. A woman by the name Mara Panich-Crouch had posted a comment and it caught my eye. The discussion was about relieving yourself from bad moods/bad days. >>

 “Doing something different physically or emotionally can often help (cute outfit/great cup of coffee on the porch while staring at the mountains/doing something different with my makeup).”

I enjoyed this part of her post because I’m a firm believer of the simple things in life. Those nights when you are feeling down and you decide to put on a cute outfit and go out with the girls? It really does help you to feel alive.